Western Galilee, Israel

Many tourists who come to Israel visit places like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, and miss the Galilee, which I consider one of the most beautiful areas in the country. So, after returning from a short but amazing vacation in Western Galilee, I decided to share it with you here, so that you can take a few notes for your next vacation in Israel

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On my many trips around the world, I have reached destinations that look perfect in pictures, but in reality, they haven’t been so dreamy: stifling air and horrible smell, noise, dirt, dangerous areas, inaccessibility to tourists and many more “fun” surprises. HOWEVER, when I got to the Maldives, I had entirely different experience!

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a beautiful, clean and safe city with a rich culture, varied shopping options and a particularly peaceful atmosphere. For some reason, before I visited Vienna, I thought there wasn’t a lot of things to do there. I was so wrong!

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Seoul, South Korea

I discovered Seoul in a short 24-hour connection flight on the way from Australia to Tel Aviv, during which I was able to visit the Myeongdong Night Market– which I will tell you more about in a second. After a few minutes from the moment I set foot in the market for the first time, it was obvious to me: I am coming back here- as soon as possible

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Maskit Boutique Hotel, Israel

Maskit Mansion (“Ahuzat Maskit”) is a boutique hotel, but the word “mansion” describes it in the best way – an isolated location that provides perfect intimacy, surrounded by a peaceful green landscape filled with citrus orchards, and an atmosphere that resembles a mansion in Tuscany or France

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Acre, Israel

We arrived in Acre for a romantic one-night vacation. We stayed at Akotika Boutique Hotel, which, beyond its beauty and prime location, provided us with an unforgettable authentic experience

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Myanmar, also known in her previous name "Burma", is a magical and special country that makes you feel like you're in a journey back in time

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