Jerusalem, Israel

I chose to celebrate my 23rd birthday by spending a night in Jerusalem, Israel. As someone who lives in Tel Aviv (another city in Israel), I don’t often get away from the big and vibrant city

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales, on the southeastern coast of Australia. It is the largest and most advanced city in Australia and is known for its spectacular bay, considered by many to be the most beautiful in the world

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

When I told people that I was flying to Amsterdam I heard all kinds of comments – that it is not a culinary city, that four days there are more than enough, that it is recommended to stay next to the Dam Square and more. So, after my visit I must disagree with those people

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In one word- paradise. In 714 words: A state of islands in the South Pacific consisting of more than 300 islands, with only one third of them inhabited

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Lefkada, Greece

After searching the Internet for different islands in Greece, I chose the island of Lefkada which was described as charming and authentic, and has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe called Porto Katsiki

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I was in Vietnam for 10 days. It’s a country with different mentalities and landscapes from other countries in the far east I visited, and the whole experience was very special and interesting

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Singapore is one of my favorite cities in the world. It is small and easy to navigate, and the general feeling in the city is like a leap to the future – everything is very technological and innovative

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Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a stunning city, big, modern and European. We devoted three full days to the city, and I would definitely recommend adding another day or two

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New York

I’ve been to New York City 6 times, and it never gets old. Everytime I land in the city I’m filled with positive energies, and I try to do as many things as I can

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