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Top 10 Things To Do In NYC

I’ve been to New York City 6 times, and it never gets old.

Everytime I land in the city I’m filled with positive energies, and I try to do as many things as I can. So I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite places in New York that I keep coming back to, most of them, of course, are related to food :).

1. Clinton Street Baking Company– An Amazing Breakfast

Banana walnut, blueberry or chocolate chunk pancakes- it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you’ll get the biggest yummiest pile of pancakes, which is the best way to start your day. There’s also french toast, fried chicken and waffle and a lot of other guilty pleasures.

They do not take reservation, but it’s worth the wait

2. Buddakan– A Great Asian Place

There’s a lot of expensive over-the-top restaurants in the Meatpacking District that look kind of like event halls, but this is my absolute favorite.

The restaurant is amazingly beautiful.

When you first go in the restaurant you are seated in beautiful lounge, and they offer you drinks. After a few minutes they take you to one of the two floors in the restaurant.

The place is almost completely dark and the design is really cool, the food is amazing and the desserts are addictive. On my last visit there I ate the “Crispy Cauliflower Lollipops” that are made out of cauliflower, truffle and cheese. I also had a pastry filled with slow cooked meat that was seasoned in a unique way, and popcorn shrimps. At the end I had a dreamy chocolate pistachio dessert.

Make sure to make a reservation ahead.

3. My favorite Shake Shack Branch- Dumbo Brooklyn

Each branch in the chain has a different design, some more comfortable than others.

In Dumbo neighborhood, which is overlooking the Brooklyn bridge (from the Brooklyn side), my favorite branch is located. The place is big, comfortable and has a nice view. You can also combine eating there with a walk in the park under the bridge and crossing the Brooklyn bridge.

Oh, and as for the burger itself? i’ll let the picture do all the talking

 4. Balthazar– The Best Breakfast

This great french restaurant is my absolute favorite place to have breakfast in New-York.

They have the most amazing bread and pastries basket that you can share with the table, and a large selection of dishes with eggs or sweet ones.

I had the Waffle that came with sour cream and berries, and it was nothing less than divine.

Obviously I had to come back the next day and eat it again.

5. Five Napkin Burger– A Must Try Burger

Truffle burger and sweet potato fries. Nuff said.

6. Ruth’s Chris– My favorite Steakhouse

There is a constant debate about the best steaks restaurant in New York (Peter Luger or Wolfgang?), but I want to recommend on an american steakhouse chain that I really like.

Ruth’s Chris has one of the best steaks I ever had, and it’s also perfect if you’re looking for a fancier place. The steak comes on a boiling hot plate with bubbling butter,and it’s nothing less than amazing.

Other than that we had a great fried calamari as an appetizer, and for dessert the banana cake and the cheese cake.

Make sure to make a reservation ahead.

Other places which I liked so much that I wasn’t even thinking of taking a picture:

7. Carmine’s– An Italian Restaurant With a Cool Concept

A super cool family restaurant with ridiculously enormous disheds which is perfect for sharing.

Every time I’m in New York I’ll visit there, and I always have the same things: Penne Alla Vodka- a pasta with a sauce that is similar to a tomato- cream sauce, only a lot better (probably thanks to the vodka), veal with lemon and the titanic dessert- bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, warm chocolate and a lot of other sweet treats. These 2 main dishes and one dessert was enough for 4 hungry people.

Reservation must be made a lot of time in advanced.

8. Levain Bakery– Most Indulgent Chocolate Chip Cookies

Although the line is long, this cookie is definitely worth the wait. Its puffy and warm and when the chocolate drips out of it- you don’t want to miss it.

9. Le Bain– A Rooftop Bar

If sitting on an open roof, overlooking the city while listening to good music and drinking a cocktail is your thing- Le Bain is the place for you.

The bar is located on the roof of the Standard hotel, and offers an happy amazing New York City vibe.

10. Broadway Show- The Best Evening Activity

I had a chance to see a lot of Broadway musicals, and the dancing, special effects and pyrotechnics are like nothing I’ve seen before.

I would recommend reading reviews before you’re choosing a show, because they constantly changing.

This is a must, even if you’re usually not a theater person.

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