Athens, Greece

On our way back home from Lefkada Island, we spent a whole day in Athens. I didn’t imagine what a cool city Athens really is, and I was really sorry that we had so little time.

We managed to visit the Acropolis– a fortified hill (citadel), the main remnant of ancient Athens which has existed for over 2000 years. The site is known as a World Heritage Site and was even chosen as the final candidate for the seven new wonders of the World.

At the Acropolis you can find the remains of three temples, two theaters and a museum. In addition there’s a really beautiful view from the hill.

After visiting the site, we continued on foot to the stunning Plaka neighborhood, an ancient neighborhood where wandering is a must. It is full of picturesque alleys, old or renovated colored houses, and charming little Greek taverns.

Even at night time the town of Plaka is a good place to visit, because when the Acropolis is illuminated and visible- it’s the perfect view.

We ate dinner at an amazing restaurant called Elaia, located on the roof of a building overlooking the the neighborhood alleys.We ordered mushrooms filled with cheese and a great Greek beef stew. For dessert we ate lemon pie and chocolate cake. It was as good as it sounds.

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