Lefkada, Greece

So I’ll start with an introduction- my flight to Greece was not planned. It all started when I tagged El Al (an Israeli airline) in my Instagram picture photographed in South Africa, and within a few days I received a message that I won the monthly picture competition. The prize that month was a ticket to Athens. Since Israel has direct flights to many destinations in Greece, I wanted to choose a destination where there isn’t a direct flight, and use the ticket to Athens as a connection. I searched the Internet for different islands in Greece, and finally chose the island of Lefkada which was described as charming and authentic, and has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe called Porto Katsiki.

We chose a fancy and highly recommended hotel on the beach – San Nicolas Resort. We rented a car at the airport and drove about two hours to get to the hotel. The view on the way there was amazing – there were mountains covered with vegetation overlooking a turquoise sea, enchanting resort towns, and most importantly- stunning beaches. The sights reminded me more of the beaches in Italy than the Greece I knew from my visit to Rhodes.

What makes Lefkada special to me is its authenticity and the fact that it’s still not too touristy. I didn’t come across almost touristy stores, and the prices were accordingly.

Attractions on the island:

  • Lefkada– A magical town with a charming pedestrian street filled with cafes, shops, stands and colorful houses. In addition, the town also has a very beautiful port. It’s possible to spend half a day wandering the streets of the town and the port, and having lunch in one of the many restaurants.
  • Porto katsiki– This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. White sand and clear turquoise water, what more can you ask for?  To reach the beach, you have to take the stairs between the cliffs surrounding it, each step will gradually reveal a little more of the clear turquoise water that are waiting for you at the end. There are no parasols or chairs at the beach, so make sure that you to bring some with you.
  • Kathisma Beach– Another stunning beach, this one is a little bit more organized with chairs, parasols and cafes.
  • A Cruise to Agiofili Beach– This is a magical and remote beach, and the only way to reach it is by boat. It should be noted that this is a popular tourist destination and sometimes it may be crowded, but I nevertheless found the experience of sailing and sitting on this beautiful beach to be magical. The cruise starts from the town of Vassiliki, and this is a recommended half-day/ full day trip, depending on how long you want to sit and sunbathe at Agiofili Beach.
  • The town of Vasiliki– Is considered one of the best windsurfing sites in Europe. When we got back from Agiofili, we had lunch at the taverna on the waterfront promenade. On the town’s main street there are travel agents offering excursions and water sports.

If you are going to stay at San Nicolas Resort, you should definitely spend a day sitting in the hotel’s pool or “beach” – a deck with tanning beds on the beach.  All you need is your favorite book and sunscreen for a perfect relaxing day.

**Note- If you’re flying from Israel you just got extra lucky, since last year the island of Lefkada has become a destination that can be reached by direct flight from Israel!

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