Top Photo Spots in Paris, France

So, after getting lots of warm comments about my recent post Where to eat in Paris, it was time to focus on a question that is no less important- where to take the best pictures in Paris!

But first, a few words about accommodation in Paris- I highly recommend sleeping in the amazing neighborhood of Saint Germain (6th arrondissement). This is a neighborhood that has everything- art galleries, busy alleys, quiet parks, wonderful pasttiseries, local restaurants, bars, markets, churches, museums, etc. 

Most of the hotels in Paris (those that are not 5 stars) have very small rooms, but I did not mind, because who has time to spend in the room in a city like this?

For Saint Germain hotels click here

So let’s go back to the main topic- yes, most of the sites are full of tourists, and the best way to take a picture without interference is to start the photography trip early in the morning. 

Here’s my top 12 locations:

  1. Eiffel Tower View from Trocadéro– As I mentioned in my restaurant post, I highly recommend starting one of your days at the wonderful Café Carette, from which you can walk 2 minutes to the Trocadero Gardens for a spectacular view of the Eiffel. Paris, Traveliri
  2. Eiffel Tower Carousel– If you walk down the stairs from Trocadéro towards the Eiffel tower, you will see on your right hand side a gorgeous colored carousel that can be captured in one shot with the tower. traveliri, paris
  3. Parc du Champ-de-Mars– if you continue your tour a little further towards the Eiffel and cross it, you will reach the beautiful gardens just below. From there, you can take a picture with one of the blooming trees or with the tower that is seen in all its glory. paris, traveliri
  4. Rue Cremieux– The most colorful and instafamous in Paris- a boulevard of colorful houses attracting bloggers and photographers from all over the world, at all hours of the day. traveliri, paris
  5. Louvre Museum– If you had any doubt about it- don’t! a picture with this transparent pyramid is a must in your visit to Paris. 
  6. La Maison Rouge– A photogenic spot in the picturesque and touristy Montmarte neighborhood- a pink cafe with an excellent aesthetics. The earlier you get there, the fewer people are waiting in line for the picture. traveliri, paris
  7. La Marais– A beautiful and colorful district with picturesque squares, chic cafes, galleries, boutiques and many gorgeous corners. Many of the houses in the neighborhood have inner courtyards, hidden and magical, which provide an excellent background for the pictures. traveliri, paris
  8. Galerrie Lafayette Rooftop Terrace– Beyond the fact that the department store itself is impressive and luxurious, its roof has a beautiful observation point over Paris and the Eiffel. Entrance is free. traveliri, paris
  9. For those who visit Paris during Christmas– Without doubt, one of the most iconic pictures in Paris is in this store- where the most impressive, magical and colorful Christmas tree I have ever seen is built in. The feeling is that you are in a dream- the tree is changing colors, the decorations are moving and the music is playing in the background. an amazing experience! traveliri, paris
  10. Pont Alexandre III– An elegant arch bridge that stretches over the Seine and is decorated with statues of angels and golden winged horses. The bridge overlooks, surprise surprise, the Eiffel Tower, enabling the capture of two central elements of the Parisian landscape- the Seine and the tower- in one frame. traveliri, paris
  11. The Luxembourg Gardens– green gardens in the heart of Paris with impressive trees, beautifully trimmed bushes and a large pool in the middle. The ideal place to rest from the bustle of the big city- just bring a bottle of wine, fresh baguette and cheese, and you have the perfect picnic. traveliri, paris
  12. Parisian Cafes– Almost every classic café overlooking the street will be the perfect setting for a chic picture with a glass of wine in hand, french pastry on the table or just an OOTD shot. traveliri, paris

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