Where to eat in Paris, France

I’m so excited to finally write about Paris, which is without doubt my favorite city in Europe.
“The city of lights” is  known for its beauty and endless romance, the famous Eiffel tour, which is the symbol of France, the Louvre, the Seine, culinary wealth, patisseries, boulangeries and much more.

A few words about accommodation in Paris- I highly recommend sleeping in the amazing neighborhood of Saint Germain (6th arrondissement). This is a neighborhood that has everything- art galleries, busy alleys, quiet parks, wonderful pasttiseries, local restaurants, bars, markets, churches, museums, etc. 

Most of the hotels in Paris (those that are not 5 stars) have very small rooms, but I did not mind, because who has time to spend in the room in a city like this?

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Paris has captured my heart and I hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to live there for a while. Until then, I would be happy to visit it as much as possible.

So here are some recommendations I collected at my previous visits for restaurants, bakeries and cafes that should not be missed:

  • Clause– a small, tastefully decorated café with amazing breakfast and dreamy pastries. The scrambled eggs I ate were fluffy and soft (with lots of butter) and were accompanied by fresh baguette, salted butter and quality French cheese.
  • Colorova– a cafe with a colorful and modern design, that serves delicious breakfasts and beautiful, heavnly cakes.
  • Carette– a classic Parisian café with great breakfasts. On my first visit I ordered scrambled eggs, that were the most creamy and airy I ever ate, and since then I’ve been back there just for it. There is a branch at Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower, so you may want to start one of your days at Carette and from there continue on a trip around the Eiffel.
  • Maison Mulot– a great old bakery with pastries and cakes. I would like to recommend the chocolate-flavored butter cookies- we bought a large package to bring back home, and it was gone within two days. Recommended!
  • Ober Mamma– an Italian restaurant with a lovely design and authentic delicious Italian food. I ate burrata as the first course, and truffle pasta as the main course- I promise you, you’ll never want it to end. It is not possible to make reservations, so usually there is a line at the entrance for dinner. I preferred to arrive at lunchtime to avoid it.
  • Café Breizh– The best crepes in Paris, salty or sweet! I especially recommend the Banana- salted caramel crepe, that were unbelievably tasty. The restaurant has two branches, reservations are recommended.
  • Un Dimanche a Paris– a patisserie with delicious and unique desserts located in a hidden, small and historic alley. Besides the great desserts there is also a restaurant, where I had lunch once and I enjoyed it very much.
  • Hotel Costes– one of the restaurants I love most in Paris- it is located in the prestigious hotel named “Hotel Costes” and has a unique retro design. Besides the excellent food, this is a cool experience in terms of atmosphere, design and the waiters’ outfit. I ate an excellent steak, which was accompanied by one of the best french fries I’ve ever had. The desserts were also very good. The restaurant is huge but it is recommended to book a table in advance!
  • Le Relais De Venise– a famous and mythological restaurant serving only one main course- a perfect, soft, divine steak in a rich greenish sauce (a secret family recipe), with excellent crunchy french fries that go so well with the sauce. I ate there on my first visit to Paris at the age of 13 and since then I have never stopped dreaming about the day I will eat this dish again. The desserts are also great- we had a huge, delicious ice cream cake with warm chocolate sauce, and excellent profiteroles with ice cream. It is not possible to book in advance, so it is recommended to arrive about 15 minutes before opening the restaurant, so you won’t have to wait long.
  • Frenchie Wine Bar– a cool wine bar with special and creative food. Suitable for couples or people looking for a cool ,young atmosphere, but won’t compromise on the quality of the food. It is not possible to make reservations, so again, I recommend to arrive about fifteen minutes before the opening and wait at the entrance. We arrived first and were lucky enough to be seated on a bar table overlooking the kitchen- a highly recommended experience!
  • Le Comptoir– an excellent French restaurant right next to our hotel. It’s most fun to sit outside at the small tables that look out onto the street. Recommended!
  • As for pattiseries- there are countless recommended ones: Pierre Herme, L’éclair de genie, Karamel, Popelini, Arnaud Larher, Aux Merveilleux Du Fred- These are just some of the places I loved, and the list goes on. My recommendation- eat as many pastries and desserts as you can in this city! I have not encountered such a high level of confectionery and baking in any other country.
  • Finally, I would like to warmly recommend Paris Chez Sharon‘s food tours. Sharon and Gali live in Paris and offer amazing 3-4 hours tours, which include tastings of cheese, breads, pastries, chocolates and much more. Gali tought us a lot about the Parisian mentality and culinary habits, and of course we really enjoyed the great food. A unique and unforgettable experience!

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